Extending the life cycle of natural materials
Whether it’s contributing blooms to natural burial sites to add a layer of nitrogen to the soil and honor those who’ve passed, donating petals to local dye artists or repurposing florals into bouquets and composting the remains for topsoil--we want to build bridges to carry the journey of flowers forward until they find their resting place back in the earth.
Bringing thought and intention to the post-party
We want to provide care, creativity and intentionality to the after party. Our eco-breakdowns focus on diverting compostable materials from landfill, ensuring that reusable mechanics like chicken wire & water tubes can live to see another day, and offering florists and creatives in our community the peace of mind to rest and take the night off.
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The average wedding produces between 400–600lbs of waste.

Instead of treating flowers as single-use-straight-to-landfill products, we can divert this negative impact and give flowers and a second life through upcycling, repurposing or composting (which helps create organic topsoil and mulch and house a new place for things to grow).

Because of the hustle and fatigue of event breakdowns, most reusable items end up in piles of garbage bags the end of the night. However, reusing floral mechanics (water tubes, chicken wire, 3M hooks, lomey trays, moss) and limiting floral foam use can lead to hundreds of dollars in cost-savings at the end of the year for clients and florists alike. 
We seek to reduce the waste produced by floral events and create closed loops along the way.

We will work with you to ensure our breakdown process is seamless and suitable for an event of any size.
Breakdown & De-installation

We break down installs and florals AND safely move them to forward flora headquarters. The event space is always left spotless.
Organization & Sorting

We separate materials into compost, reusable items, and landfill. We also contact local organizations for upcycle opportunities.
Drop Off

We reduce landfill waste from large floral events. We'll handle the breakdown process from beginning to end, adding to the intentionality of your event vision.
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